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    Living, Breathing, Ecommerce Experiences

    Your customer has a pulse; your online store should too. Let us show you how we digitally recreate stimulating in-store interactions, and then some. See the proof.

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    Intuitive Shops that Go Where Your Users Go

    Your customer moves; your brand should too. That’s why we design and develop unique, accessible e-commerce sites that tell your story when you’re not around to tell it. Check out the work.

  • N
  • 01
  • Newbury Comics

    Starting in 1978 as a comic book vendor on Newbury Street in Boston, Newbury Comics is now a well-known music retailer across the east coast.
    AGENCY: Growth Spark / CLIENT: Newbury Comics

  • W
  • 02
  • Wikipearl

    An experimental food with an edible casing. This web campaign allows users to create their own Wikipearl flavor combinations.
    CLIENT: Artscience Labs

  • J
  • 03
  • Johnny Cupcakes

    The World's First T-Shirt Bakery! Serving up freshly baked apparel dripping with sweet pop-culture references.
    AGENCY: Growth Spark / CLIENT: Johnny Cupcakes

  • A
  • 04
  • Aerolife

    An air-based smart nutrition system that delivers powdered blends of vitamins, supplements, and flavors.
    AGENCY: Mechanica / CLIENT: Artscience Labs

  • F
  • 05
  • Fetch

    Tell Fetch what you want to buy – by photo, text, or voice memo - and the Fetch app personal buying assistant handles the rest.
    CLIENT: Fetch

  • B
  • 06
  • BOSEbuild

    A new line of build-it-yourself Bluetooth speakers engineered for curious kids.
    AGENCY: Growth Spark / CLIENT: BOSE

  • K
  • 07
  • Bottle Keeper

    An insulated stainless steel container that keeps your beer bottle colder, longer, and sexier than ever.
    AGENCY: Growth Spark / CLIENT: BottleKeeper

  • S
  • 08
  • Quick Schools

    A cloud-based school management system for the web generation.
    CLIENT: QuickSchools

  • We Believe

    Knowledge is Power & Power is Money

    You don’t have to be a psychic to know what your customer wants. Our data-driven approach takes the guesswork out of building on-brand, high-performing online stores. Take a look at how we capitalize on what we know to create what we imagine. Learn the process.

  • I.
  • a+s
  • Analyze & Strategize

    We’ve met the actors and you’ve given us the plotline, in Analyze and Strategize, we’re getting an understanding of your audience to help you sell tickets to the show. We draw from your current data analytics and our expertise in E-Commerce to determine who your customer is, what they like, and how they like it: enabling us to strategically optimize your platform and content to deliver upon your customers’ ideals.

  • II.
  • d+b
  • Design & Build

    We subscribe to the creative doctrine of, “show, don’t tell”, a philosophy that not only applies to the interactivity of the e-commerce sites we build, but also to the approach we take in presenting to our own clients. Once we understand the parameters of the project, we cut out a lot of unnecessary rigmarole that design agencies might otherwise engage in, to quickly turn around a custom, fully-functioning prototype that you and your team can experience, first-hand.

  • III.
  • m+i
  • Monitor & Iterate

    So, how was the premiere? You came to us with a problem, a budget and a timeline and we established short and long-term initiatives to, both, get the show on the road and to keep it moving. In the monitor and iterate phase, we proactively measure the site’s performance against your goals: troubleshooting and reiterating to assure an exciting return on your investment.

  • We Are

    Feeling, Thinking, Moving People

    You’ve now concluded that Scotch & Bonnet is a digital studio crafting award-winning sites utilizing a user-centric approach, but what about the people behind the machine? We are comprised of individuals, each with a colorful collection of interests, experiences, and insights that drive our work. Get to know us.

  • Creative Director
  • Andy Thayer

    Impervious to sky-high scoville units and dress codes that exclude any variation of the classic, “jort”, Andy is our resident spice master and creative savant. In addition to his raging addiction to hot sauce, Andy has a fiery passion for interactive design. He got his start in the museum industry designing touch-based exhibit installations. Ten years later, Andy has focused his passion for user experience in the E-commerce space. Where his name was once most closely associated with death-defying, Sriracha-induced hijinx, you can now expect to see Andy mentioned as a Shopify expert and the creative force behind multiple awards.

  • Account Manager
  • Holly banaian

    Our design strategy leans on Scotch & Bonnets analytical fortitude, and Holly is our very own forensic sociologist. Educated in statistical analysis and human behavioral patterns, Holly demonstrates an uncanny ability to predict consumer outcomes. But fear not: she uses her powers for good, not evil. Also our in-house people-pleaser, Holly is the brains behind the delivery of our service. She’ll ensure that your experience with S&B is kosher at every turn, while also helping mediate your familial disputes, subbing in for your dog-walker, and curating your next running playlist.

  • HR Director
  • Pepper

    Pepper is our resident smile maker and tail wagger. She’s our rock, our mascot and our inspiration. Pepper hails from the U.S. Virgin Islands, where we rescued her at just 2 weeks old. She reminds us everyday that anything is possible, all you need is a little hard work and a will to carry on!